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My name is Rodney and I am just a typical guy with a lot of things in mind that I want to do. But time is not enough to accomplish it all. I also possess some of unrefined abilities that needed to polish and develop. I fond of playing games, reading, doing art works, researching anything under the sun and to know a little bit of everything. I also have a strong interest in religion, intelligent discussions, human physiology because I am a trying hard bodybuilder as well.I hope that I pass these curiosities in life to my future children and may they develop and nurture those God giving talents. I am happily married and has a son thru the grace of God. I'm creating this blog just to share my everyday experience and views about lot of things. May you find my blogs amusing and entertaining. Thank you for visiting my blog and may God bless you all.

Hello world!

Hi there, this is actually my very first post. Although writing is not really my line of work, but expressing yourself through the art of writing really amazes me. I appreciate how writer can render things in readers imagination to … Continue reading

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